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Beer Mail Episode #4 – “Two Tart & Two Dark”

No big surprise in this one. Yet another Beer Mail episode is sponsored by listener Kyle Norman. Two dark and two sour, these beers hit two different ends of the beer spectrum.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #5 – “Food Inspired Beers”

Four more Bruery Society beers get a full evaluation as Carlin works through these tasty food and drink inspired brews.

Cellar Dive Episode #13 – “Dewey, Hill Farmstead, Stone & Toppling Goliath”

Having been awhile since the last Cellar Dive episode, Carlin and Rebecca go back to their cellar and pull out some tasty treats to evaluate. One of the beers especially pleases their palates.

Variants Episode #1 – “A Tale Of Three Barrels”

This is the first of yet another new episode format. Carlin and Rebecca sit down to evaluate three different versions of the same base beer from a well-known brewery.

Levante Brewing Showcase Episode – “Shaking It Up”

This showcase goes into the history and beers of another Pennsylvania brewery. This one makes a lot of milkshake IPAs, which Carlin and Rebecca dive into.

Beer Mail Episode #3 – “A Nice Taste Of New England”

It’s time again to crack open four beers provided by one listener of the podcast. For this Beer Mail Episode, it’s all about long-time listener Kyle Norman, again.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #4 – “Ups And Downs”

Carlin experiences some highs and lows in this solo episode that breaks down four more beers he obtained through his Bruery Reserve Society. Two stouts, a barleywine and an imperial blonde make the cut for this episode, but all with some additional ingredients.

Dancing Gnome Brewery Showcase Episode – “Pittsburgh Area Haze Craze”

After seeing Kyle Norman at the beach, Carlin and Rebecca went back home with a lot more beer than they expected. Fueled solely by beers from Kyle, this episode tells the story of a newer successful Pennsylvania brewery that is becoming well known for their hazy IPAs.

Mystery Beers Episode #235 – “Feeling A Bit Festive”

With beers picked by Rachel Herron from Wine World, Carlin and Rebecca embark on a miniature Oktoberfest beer tournament. Not all Oktoberfests follow the same guidelines, which leads to a few different variations in this competition.

Mystery Beers Episode #234 – “Steve Phifer’s Mini Tournament”

Carlin sets up another mini deca-sode for Rebecca with mystery beers at the request of listener Steve Phifer. It’s pumpkin beers, but most will be more obscure than what the typical beer drinker is used to.

Mystery Beers Episode #233 – “Learning Some Abbrewviations”

Kyle Norman unveils his final beer game after he and Carlin crack open the last beer in the Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head collaboration series.

Mystery Beers Episode #232 – “The Beer Hunter”

Another beer game created by Kyle Norman is played, but a warm-up beer is needed to get things started. It’s the second in the series of three collaboration beers from Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head.

Mystery Beers Episode #231 – “The Beer Belly Game”

The first of the regular episodes at the beach, Carlin and Kyle Norman kick back with a warm-up beer that ties a famous Delaware brewery to one of the show’s favorites from California. Kyle then debuts a new game called Beer Belly and Carlin competes for bragging rights.

Beer Vertical Episode #1 – “North Coast Old Stock”

Having saved a few vintage bottles of North Coast Old Stock and some special variants, Carlin figures it’s time to taste and evaluate them all in one episode. This vertical highlights how this classic old ale changes over time and what the sweet spot is for aging.

Tree House Brewing Showcase Episode – “A Mass Of Popular Tasty Beers”

At the beach for vacation, Carlin sits down to record with Kyle Norman. Leaving it up to Kyle, Carlin is presented with this epic Brewery Showcase episode that he tries to guess the focus of, before having the surprise revealed. Kyle takes the helm, giving all the information and dispensing quite a few beers to taste.

Bruery Society Beers Epsidoe #3 – “Experimentation At The Forefront”

For this installment of the Bruery Society Beers show format, Carlin talks about the fun and experimental tone of a lot of the society beers has has access to. He then lays out how some of the beer ordering process works and slightly rants about the exclusivity of the Hoarders Society.

On The Shelf Episode #13 – “Adroit Theory, Alesatian, Perennial & Smuttynose”

It’s been awhile since the last On The Shelf episode, so Carlin and Rebecca brought it back to check in on what beers are hitting shelves. This time, the episode gets a mystery beers treatment with four beers picked out and wrapped up by Mike Jonczak.

Pennsylvania Beer Excursion Episode – “Ever Grain, Mellow Mink & Golden Crust Pizza”

Another road trip leads to another beer excursion episode for Carlin and Rebecca. This time around they hit breweries in Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Then they returned to one of their favorite taprooms in Red Lion.

Mystery Beers Episode #230 – “Rebecca’s Big Beach Tournament”

Each year Rebecca tries to find her perfect beach beer. Kyle Norman suggested making her pursuit of this penultimate brew a blind episode. With that suggestion, Carlin put together a full deca-sode to see which one of 12 potential beers will earn the title of Rebecca’s official 2019 beach beer.

Baltimore Beer Excursion Episode – “Checkerspot, Diamondback & Max’s”

Carlin and Rebecca keep the excursion episodes coming, this time by hitting two breweries in Baltimore. Then, the most famous craft beer bar in Maryland is discussed. What beers are consumed to represent each establishment? Listen to find out.

Pack Attack Episode #5 – “A Pack Jam-Packed With Flavor”

After a long hiatus for the Pack Attack episode format, a triumphant return is in order. Carlin found a perfect beer pack to have Rebecca try blind, as it ties into her search for the perfect beach beer.

Troegs Independent Brewing Showcase Episode – “A Must Visit, If You Can”

Carlin and Rebecca headed up to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a beer trip for Carlin’s birthday celebration. Great beer and food were consumed, leading to this robust brewery showcase episode, which is packed with information and tasty beers.

Columbia Excursion Episode – “Jealous Of What They’ve Got”

Having recently hit Frederick, Maryland for a special beer excursion, Carlin and Rebecca decided to do another. This time they hit up three good breweries in Columbia, Maryland. Listen in for their reviews and recommendations.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #2 – “Let’s Talk About Tiers”

Continuing this new format series, Carlin dives into four more beers by The Bruery. After explaining the different society tiers a little bit, the first beer is cracked, and it’s a sour. The next two are versions of barrel aged imperial stouts, and the final returns to the sour category.

Mystery Beers Episode #229 – “Taps That Let You Serve Yourself”

Still sipping on the warm-up beer from the last episode, Carlin and Mike jump into a discussion about the use of self-serve taps at some breweries. Convenience, logistics and laws are all discussed while analyzing this topic.

Mystery Beers Episode #228 – “Thoughts On Kitschy Beers”

A recording session with Mike Jonczak wouldn’t be complete without a warm-up beer, so Carlin busts one out that ties in to the discussion topic. While sipping on the beer, the two give their opposing opinions on kitschy beers.

Episode 228

Mystery Beers Episode #227 – “Ballast Point Taking Major Financial Hits”

Having been well over a year, Carlin has Mike Jonczak back on the podcast. Wasting no time, the two dig into the recent news of Ballast Point being downsized by its parent company, Constellation Brands. The guys dig deep on this topic, talking about things like impairment charges and bond diversification.

Carton Brewing Showcase Episode – “Small Town Brews For New Jersey”

Carlin took a trip to New Jersey with his Buddy Rich Smith to go to Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash. While up there, Carlin checked for local breweries and found that this one was close. Glad he stopped in, Carlin returned home with some beers and roped Rebecca into a brewery showcase episode.

What Makes A Great Beer Event Episode – “Opinions On Musts And Would Be Nices”

For the first time in years, Carlin and Rebecca missed a beer event due to sickness and it was the biggest one. Instead of the usual wrap-up episode, Carlin and Rebecca cover what they think makes a great beer event. While doing this, they drink vintage Savor gift beers to see how they’ve developed over time.

Frederick Beer Excursion Episode – “Just A Taste Of A Growing Beer City”

Carlin and Rebecca each took a day off from work and decided to drive out to Frederick, Maryland to checkout the beer scene. Hear all about their excursion and what they would and would not recommend.

Beer Mail Episode #2 – “Matt Harvey’s Chicago Gems”

This time around, Carlin and Rebecca tear into five beers given to them by Carlin’s friend Matt Harvey. Sourced from Chicago, Illinois, you know these beers will be great. One is low alcohol, but the rest are high.

Mystery Beers Episode #226 – “Dad Beers”

After welcoming his mother to the podcast as a guest, Carlin lets his father have a turn in telling his beer story. Then, the mystery beers try to overcome Carlin’s father’s love for Molson.

Mystery Beers Episode #225 – “One Mother Of An Episode”

In order to get a different generational perspective on beer, Carlin sits down with his mother, Susan Cook, to find out how she views this product. As a bonus, the use of beer in cooking comes up and a great recipe for ham beer sauce is divulged.

On The Shelf Episode #12 – “Cigar City, Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker & Jackie O’s”

Yet another On The Shelf episode sees Carlin and Rebecca grabbing four beers from the store and digging in to let you know if these beers are worth your money. One beer is the first of a new brewery to distribute in Maryland, one is the first special release sent to the state, and the other two are inspired recipes with stories of their development.

Cellar Dive Episode #12 – “Maine Beer, The Rare Barrel, Trillium & Union Craft”

Reaching back into the cellar, Carlin and Rebecca each pull out two similar beers for their entries into this beer throwdown. One beer makes a somewhat disappointing showing, while another really surprises both hosts.

Bruery Society Beers Episode 1 – “Starting This Off Strong”

This brand new episode format is inspired by Carlin’s love of The Bruery beers and is further pushed by his backlog of bottles and cans from his membership in the Bruery Reserve Society. Listen as Carlin cracks open four barrel-aged beauties and brakes down the aromas and flavors.

Modern Times Beer Showcase Episode – “All About A Utopian Experience”

Taking inspiration from a previous On The Shelf Episode, Carlin and Rebecca delve into this California brewery that has unique name origin and a unique business model to match. Four beers are cracked, tasted and ranked to get an idea of offerings currently available in Maryland.

Mystery Beers Episode #224 – “Let’s Shake Things Up”

Carlin sets up a mini deca-sode for Rebecca with mystery beers of one particular style sub-category. There are six beers and a range of levels of success in execution. Which one is the best?

Beer Mail Episode #1 – “Beers From Kyle Norman”

This new episode format features four beers given to Carlin and Rebecca by long-time listener Kyle Norman. The first two go straight for the hazy IPA trend and the last two are significantly more unique.

On The Shelf Episode #11 – “B.C., Dogfish Head, Foreign Objects, Manor Hill & Modern Times”

Carlin had one recently released beer sitting in the fridge, so he decided to ask Rebecca to grab three more for an episode. One beer greatly impresses, one is very interesting and confusing, and the others are solid. Listen to find out what’s what.

Mystery Beers Episode #223 – “The Cannabis Beer Discussion”

With no warm-up beer for this episode, Carlin and Mark Zervas jump right in to the main discussion topic. Recently AB InBev invested in Tilray Incorporated for research of cannabis infused beverages. Carlin and Mark talk about this and the use of cannabis and its derivatives in the craft beer industry.

DuClaw Sweet Baby Java Espresso Bean Infused Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter – 6

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities English Breakfast Stout English Ale w/english breakfast tea – 3

Mystery Beers Episode #222 – “Tired Hands Can Ship Beer?!”

Carlin and Mark Zervas start with another warm-up beer, which hits the tasting notes Mark has been craving recently. The guys then discuss a new venture by Tired Hands Brewing that is allowing them to ship beer within their home state of Pennsylvania.

Shiner S’More Chocolate & Marshmallow Ale – 5.5

Fat Orange Cat Someone In My Head Hazy IPA – 3.5

Mystery Beers Episode #221 – “That Bad Trillium Topic”

It’s been over a year since Mark Zervas has been on the podcast, which means it’s about time for him to be the guest host. A warm-up beer segues nicely to a discussion of the somewhat old topic of questionable Trillium business practices and how the company responded when the word got out.

Ballast Point High West Barrel Aged Victory At Sea Imperial Porter w/coffee & vanilla flavors aged in High West Bourbon & Rye Barrels – 5.5

Union Rye-Baby Rye IPA – 4.5

Richmond Vacation Episode – “Great Hazy IPAs, But There’s More”

Rebecca and Carlin joined long-time listeners Kyle and Kelli Norman in Richmond, Virginia for a miniature vacation. There was not enough time, but plenty of beers were consumed. This episode features four of what they brought home.

Unanimous favorite – Final Gravity Iced Coffee Brown Ale

On The Shelf Episode #10 – “Champion, Hoof Hearted, Sierra Nevada & Stillwater”

One more On The Shelf episode, four more beers. Carlin does this one solo with three of the beers tying in to the most recent deca-sode.

Carlin’s favorite – Sierra Nevada Resilience IPA

Mystery Beers Episode #220 – “Still The Most Popular Style”

Hoppy beers are still going strong as the most popular type of craft beer. For this reason, Carlin and Rebecca revisit this type of brew for another deca-sode. 12 beers within acceptable date coding battle it out. What’s the best and what falls short?

Smuttynose Mysterious Haze Hazy IPA – 5.5

Key Brewing Dundalk Calling Hazy Double IPA – 5

Dogfish Head Liquid Truth Serum IPA – 5

Union Rye-Baby Rye IPA – 4.5

Uinta Rise & Pine Hoppy Dark Ale – 4

Union Double Duckpin Double IPA – 3.5

New Belgium Liquid Paradise IPA – 3.5

RAR Country Ride Pale Ale – 3

Victory Hop Wallop IPA – 3

DuClaw Go Out In A Haze Of Glory Hazy IPA – 2.5

Blue Point Hoptical Illusion IPA – 2

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA w/maple syrup – 2

Blend It Yourself Episode #3 – “The Tea Infusion Experiment”

Having been awhile since a blending episode took place, Carlin dusts off this format for a fresh take on home beer blending. Where the past two focused on blending two beers, this episode addresses infusions you can execute at home.

Carlin’s favorite – The Bruery Bakery Coconut Macaroons Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/coconut & natural vanilla flavor added

Beer & Food Episode #11 – “Four Courses, Four Beers”

Some people go out and whoop it up for the New Year. Carlin and Rebecca decided this time to record a podcast episode featuring a multi-course meal paired with four different beers. One of the pairings ends up being a surprising success.

Carlin’s favorite – Bruery Terreux & The Collective Brewing Project Minor Miner Grisette-Style Ale aged in oak foeders w/orange blossom & calendula flowers

Rebecca’s favorite – Fremont Dark Star Oatmeal Stout

Cellar Dive Episode #11 – “This One’s A ‘Whale’ Of A Good Time”

Two high ABV beers come to the table, along with two that are significantly lower. Rebecca chooses a hoppy beer that’s offered once a year, while Carlin pulls in the biggest whale the podcast has ever featured.

Unanimous favorite – Bruery Terreux Fuzzy Bbls 30% Sour Stout & 70% Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/peaches, apricots, vanilla & lactose

Beer & Food Episode #10 – “Who Loves Corn Nuts?”

Carlin demands a certain type of food for this pairing episode. Corn nuts are the focus and there are four different flavors to try with four different types of beer. What works and what doesn’t? Let’s find out…

Unanimous favorite – Mother Earth Brew Cali Creamin’ Vanilla Cream Ale

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