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Bruery Society Beers Episode #8 – “Archive Beers”

Since being shut in the house is a thing now, Rebecca decides she will pitch in with this Bruery Society Beers episode. After a quick talk about archive beer sales, Carlin and Rebecca dive in to some interesting beers.

Variants Episode #3 – “Decadent Anniversary Beers”

For this variants episode, Carlin and Rebecca go big. The four beers are rare, barrel aged, and big in ABV. All of those things sound good, but do they live up to the hype? Find out…

Cellar Dive Episode #15 – “Hoppin’ Frog, Modern Times & Tired Hands”

Since the world has been confined to personal domiciles, Carlin and Rebecca have the opportunity to work down their large collection of cellar beers. All four of the beers tasted for this episode got some sort of barrel treatment, but benefited from that barrel in different ways.

Equilibrium Brewery Showcase Episode – “Super Scientific Brewing”

Focusing heavily on scientific experimentation and a main style of hazy IPAs, this brewery pleases the taste buds of the masses while keeping an eye toward discovery and refinement.

Beer Mail Episode #9 – “Almanac, Foam, Helltown, Platform & St. Boniface”

Carlin and Rebecca sit down to record what could be the last beer mail episode for quite a while. This one hits a good range of styles, but also prompts the addition of a bonus beer to the episode.

Beer Mail Episode #8 – “Deschutes, Foam, Hill Farmstead & Saucy”

After the beer excursion to Pittsburgh with Kelli and Kyle Norman, Carlin and Rebecca have even more beer for beer mail episodes. Three of the beers tasted for this one were just obtained, while the fourth was pulled from the cellar.

The Alchemist Showcase Episode – “The Story Behind The Haze”

Carlin and Rebecca sit down to talk in depth about the brewery that kicked off the whole craft beer haze craze. Although the four beers tasted for this episode are all hoppy, this brewery does a lot more, which is covered by Carlin.

Hitchhiker Brewing Showcase Episode – “Where Tradition And Experimentation Collide”

On their beer excursion to Pittsburgh, Carlin and Rebecca decided to bring back enough beers for a showcase episode for their favorite brewery of the trip. A history rooted in brewing tradition, but an eye toward experimentation just about sums up this brewery.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #7 – “A Smattering Of Styles”

Carlin tastes a very diverse array of styles in this episode, showing real range by The Bruery. He then discusses how trustees work for the beer societies before being joined by Rebecca for the final two beers.

Pittsburgh Beer Excursion Episode – “So Much Craft Beer In Steel City”

Carlin and Rebecca met up with Kelli and Kyle Norman for another joint beer adventure. Steel City was the focus and nobody was prepared for the quality of beer and food that was consumed.

Beer & Food Episode #12 – “B.C. Brewery Beer Dinner”

It’s been awhile since Carlin and Rebecca talked about pairing some beers with food. This return to the episode format involves discussion of a recent beer dinner the two attended for Valentine’s Day at B.C. Brewery in Hunt Valley, Maryland.

Beer Mail Episode #7 – “Dewey, Rotunda & Un Anee”

Carlin and Rebecca continue going through the beers Kyle Norman gave them. A few of the breweries repeat, but there are enough different and interesting beers for this one.

Beer Mail Episode #6 – “Dewey, Equilibrium, Masthead & Rotunda”

Carlin and Rebecca met up with Kyle Norman recently, so that must mean another Beer Mail episode. There are a few different styles tasted, but this time around the tasting order is shaken up, but there’s a reason for that…

Variants Episode #2 – “New Holland’s Dragon’s Milk”

Finally getting back to another one of these, Carlin and Rebecca sit down to try a bourbon barrel aged beer that’s been around for some time. This includes two other versions. One that just adds some ingredients and another that changes the whole beer entirely.

On The Shelf Episode #15 – “D9, Sixpoint, Troegs & True Respite”

Carlin and Rebecca taste more shelf beers, but try a new approach to their tasting order. Two of the beers have Carlin a bit concerned, but are these negative feelings confirmed?

Mystery Beers Episode #237 – “Tony’s DuClaw Era”

In the second episode with guest Tony Marion, his background in craft beer is discussed with a big focus on his years with DuClaw Brewing. Then Tony gets his second shot at blind tasting, which yields one beer that really catches his fancy.

Mystery Beers Episode #236 – “Beers & Independent Film”

Getting back to basics, Carlin brings in a guest to taste some blind beers and talk about a project he is premiering. Tony Marion, of Cinecle Pictures, completed a film called Loose Ends and it’s showing at B.C. Brewery in Hunt Valley, Maryland. Listen to the episode for all of the details.

Online Beer Store Review Episode #1 – “Craft Beer Kings”

Ever wonder if ordering from an online beer store is worth it? This new episode format tackles that exact question. This first episode focuses on Carlin’s experience with the online beer store Craft Beer Kings.

Almanac Beer Showcase Episode – “A Focus On Farmers Markets”

Carlin has been wanting to cover this brewery for quite some time, and the aged beers used for the episode highlight that. It’s one of many California breweries, but it has its own unique beer history and style.

Beer Mail Episode #5 – “SomerVillain Brewcast 12-Pack”

Answering the call Carlin was putting out, Jason Ng and Alex Rogers from the SomerVillain Brewcast sent a box of 12 beers. To make things interesting, Carlin and Rebecca decide to taste them all blind in a large tournament.

In Memorium Episode – “Race Street Brew Works”

A brewery Carlin and Rebecca visited while on vacation a few years ago closed its doors. With some help from long-time listeners Kyle and Kelli Norman, this episode features some of the last beers made at the brewery in this send-off for a unique beer place that’s sad to see call it quits.

Cellar Dive Episode #14 – “Yule Brews”

Rebecca got nostalgic for Christmas beers, so this Cellar Dive episode is devoted to just that. Rebecca chooses two dark ones from the same brewery, while Carlin pulls two barrel-aged ones from another brewery.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #6 – “Wine Beer Hybrids And Barrel Timing”

Carlin opens this episode talking about some beers The Bruery has been making with wine grapes incorporated. Also discussed are a few series of beer focusing on time in a bourbon barrel and what the taste differences are.

On The Shelf Episode #14 – “Firestone Walker, Troegs, Union & Victory”

Much like the most recent Cellar Dive episode, this On The Shelf episode dives into two sours and two dark beers. Expectations are set early, but end up being upset when the actual tasting goes down.

Beer Mail Episode #4 – “Two Tart & Two Dark”

No big surprise in this one. Yet another Beer Mail episode is sponsored by listener Kyle Norman. Two dark and two sour, these beers hit two different ends of the beer spectrum.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #5 – “Food Inspired Beers”

Four more Bruery Society beers get a full evaluation as Carlin works through these tasty food and drink inspired brews.

Cellar Dive Episode #13 – “Dewey, Hill Farmstead, Stone & Toppling Goliath”

Having been awhile since the last Cellar Dive episode, Carlin and Rebecca go back to their cellar and pull out some tasty treats to evaluate. One of the beers especially pleases their palates.

Variants Episode #1 – “A Tale Of Three Barrels”

This is the first of yet another new episode format. Carlin and Rebecca sit down to evaluate three different versions of the same base beer from a well-known brewery.

Levante Brewing Showcase Episode – “Shaking It Up”

This showcase goes into the history and beers of another Pennsylvania brewery. This one makes a lot of milkshake IPAs, which Carlin and Rebecca dive into.

Beer Mail Episode #3 – “A Nice Taste Of New England”

It’s time again to crack open four beers provided by one listener of the podcast. For this Beer Mail Episode, it’s all about long-time listener Kyle Norman, again.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #4 – “Ups And Downs”

Carlin experiences some highs and lows in this solo episode that breaks down four more beers he obtained through his Bruery Reserve Society. Two stouts, a barleywine and an imperial blonde make the cut for this episode, but all with some additional ingredients.

Dancing Gnome Brewery Showcase Episode – “Pittsburgh Area Haze Craze”

After seeing Kyle Norman at the beach, Carlin and Rebecca went back home with a lot more beer than they expected. Fueled solely by beers from Kyle, this episode tells the story of a newer successful Pennsylvania brewery that is becoming well known for their hazy IPAs.

Mystery Beers Episode #235 – “Feeling A Bit Festive”

With beers picked by Rachel Herron from Wine World, Carlin and Rebecca embark on a miniature Oktoberfest beer tournament. Not all Oktoberfests follow the same guidelines, which leads to a few different variations in this competition.

Mystery Beers Episode #234 – “Steve Phifer’s Mini Tournament”

Carlin sets up another mini deca-sode for Rebecca with mystery beers at the request of listener Steve Phifer. It’s pumpkin beers, but most will be more obscure than what the typical beer drinker is used to.

Mystery Beers Episode #233 – “Learning Some Abbrewviations”

Kyle Norman unveils his final beer game after he and Carlin crack open the last beer in the Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head collaboration series.

Mystery Beers Episode #232 – “The Beer Hunter”

Another beer game created by Kyle Norman is played, but a warm-up beer is needed to get things started. It’s the second in the series of three collaboration beers from Bruery Terreux and Dogfish Head.

Mystery Beers Episode #231 – “The Beer Belly Game”

The first of the regular episodes at the beach, Carlin and Kyle Norman kick back with a warm-up beer that ties a famous Delaware brewery to one of the show’s favorites from California. Kyle then debuts a new game called Beer Belly and Carlin competes for bragging rights.

Beer Vertical Episode #1 – “North Coast Old Stock”

Having saved a few vintage bottles of North Coast Old Stock and some special variants, Carlin figures it’s time to taste and evaluate them all in one episode. This vertical highlights how this classic old ale changes over time and what the sweet spot is for aging.

Tree House Brewing Showcase Episode – “A Mass Of Popular Tasty Beers”

At the beach for vacation, Carlin sits down to record with Kyle Norman. Leaving it up to Kyle, Carlin is presented with this epic Brewery Showcase episode that he tries to guess the focus of, before having the surprise revealed. Kyle takes the helm, giving all the information and dispensing quite a few beers to taste.

Bruery Society Beers Epsidoe #3 – “Experimentation At The Forefront”

For this installment of the Bruery Society Beers show format, Carlin talks about the fun and experimental tone of a lot of the society beers has has access to. He then lays out how some of the beer ordering process works and slightly rants about the exclusivity of the Hoarders Society.

On The Shelf Episode #13 – “Adroit Theory, Alesatian, Perennial & Smuttynose”

It’s been awhile since the last On The Shelf episode, so Carlin and Rebecca brought it back to check in on what beers are hitting shelves. This time, the episode gets a mystery beers treatment with four beers picked out and wrapped up by Mike Jonczak.

Pennsylvania Beer Excursion Episode – “Ever Grain, Mellow Mink & Golden Crust Pizza”

Another road trip leads to another beer excursion episode for Carlin and Rebecca. This time around they hit breweries in Mechanicsburg and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. Then they returned to one of their favorite taprooms in Red Lion.

Mystery Beers Episode #230 – “Rebecca’s Big Beach Tournament”

Each year Rebecca tries to find her perfect beach beer. Kyle Norman suggested making her pursuit of this penultimate brew a blind episode. With that suggestion, Carlin put together a full deca-sode to see which one of 12 potential beers will earn the title of Rebecca’s official 2019 beach beer.

Baltimore Beer Excursion Episode – “Checkerspot, Diamondback & Max’s”

Carlin and Rebecca keep the excursion episodes coming, this time by hitting two breweries in Baltimore. Then, the most famous craft beer bar in Maryland is discussed. What beers are consumed to represent each establishment? Listen to find out.

Pack Attack Episode #5 – “A Pack Jam-Packed With Flavor”

After a long hiatus for the Pack Attack episode format, a triumphant return is in order. Carlin found a perfect beer pack to have Rebecca try blind, as it ties into her search for the perfect beach beer.

Troegs Independent Brewing Showcase Episode – “A Must Visit, If You Can”

Carlin and Rebecca headed up to Hershey, Pennsylvania for a beer trip for Carlin’s birthday celebration. Great beer and food were consumed, leading to this robust brewery showcase episode, which is packed with information and tasty beers.

Columbia Excursion Episode – “Jealous Of What They’ve Got”

Having recently hit Frederick, Maryland for a special beer excursion, Carlin and Rebecca decided to do another. This time they hit up three good breweries in Columbia, Maryland. Listen in for their reviews and recommendations.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #2 – “Let’s Talk About Tiers”

Continuing this new format series, Carlin dives into four more beers by The Bruery. After explaining the different society tiers a little bit, the first beer is cracked, and it’s a sour. The next two are versions of barrel aged imperial stouts, and the final returns to the sour category.

Mystery Beers Episode #229 – “Taps That Let You Serve Yourself”

Still sipping on the warm-up beer from the last episode, Carlin and Mike jump into a discussion about the use of self-serve taps at some breweries. Convenience, logistics and laws are all discussed while analyzing this topic.

Mystery Beers Episode #228 – “Thoughts On Kitschy Beers”

A recording session with Mike Jonczak wouldn’t be complete without a warm-up beer, so Carlin busts one out that ties in to the discussion topic. While sipping on the beer, the two give their opposing opinions on kitschy beers.

Episode 228

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