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Episode #214 – “Sean Creel’s New Job”

Sean Creel makes a return to the show to talk about his new beer industry job. This leads to a discussion about the beer society structure created by The Bruery.

Allagash Avance ale aged in bourbon barrels & finished on strawberries – 4

Council Brewing Hazing Cane Double Dry Hopped New England Style IPA – 2.5


Union Craft Brewing Showcase Episode – “Cultivating Unity Through Beer”

Highlighting one of the most consistent breweries in Baltimore, Carlin and Rebecca cover history and their evaluation of the new brewery. Four beers are tasted, focusing on the lighter side of the style spectrum.

Unanimous favorite – Old Pro Gose

On The Shelf Episode #7 – “A Batch From The Patch”

The last On The Shelf Episode wasn’t that long ago, but Carlin and Rebecca saw a need to do another one. The four beers in this episode are seasonal and usually not enjoyed by either host. Maybe a few new twists on an old fad will help change their minds.

Unanimous favorite – Southern Tier Cold Pressed Coffee Pumking

Episode #213 – “I Hope They Sue Each Other Into Oblivion”

This episode starts with a warm-up beer from a brewery Kyle Norman has never tasted any offerings from before. Then, he and Carlin discuss a lawsuit between Pabst and MillerCoors, hoping the two sue each other into oblivion.

Cameron’s Brewing Where The Buffalo Roam Barley Wine – 4.5

Pabst Brewing National Bohemian – 2

Episode #212 – “Beer Me Bro 5, Pt. 2”

The Beer Me Bro game with Kyle Norman concludes with an exciting end. Then, the guys get hit with some surprises when they eventually reveal the mystery beers.

Wittekerke Wild Belgian Wit w/natural flora from oak foeders – 4

Hop Farm One Nut Brown Ale – 3.5

Episode #211 – “Beer Me Bro 5, Pt. 1”

It’s that time of the year when Carlin goes to the beach and records with Kyle Norman. As tradition would have it, the two play the newest installment of the Beer Me Bro beer name game. Carlin usually comes up short, but will this time be any different?

Key Brewing Wise and Gray New England Style IPA – 5

Brauerei Furstenberg Black Forest Pils – 3.5

State College Brew Expo Episode – “All About Those Pennsylvania Brews”

After plenty of encouragements from Kelli and Kyle Norman, Rebecca and Carlin finally traveled to Pennsylvania for the State College Brew Expo. The outdoor beer festival focused on breweries solely from the host state and offered glimpses of a lot of new breweries.

Unanimous Favorite – Troegs Barrel Aged Troegenator Double Bock aged in bourbon barrels

On The Shelf Episode #6 – “3 Stars, Lagunitas, Southern Tier & Unibroue

For this episode, Carlin grabbed four fresh beers off the shelf of his local liquor store. One from a brewery he has tasted virtually nothing from, and three he hasn’t tasted anything from in multiple years.

Unanimous Favorite – Unibroue Ephemere Fraise & Rhubarbe

Episode #210 – “A Lighter Kind Of Deca-sode”

For this deca-sode, Carlin and Rebecca focus on a lighter style of beer. Some come off a little harsh, while others are very finessed offerings. A few bumps in the road keep this large blind tasting interesting, keeping both hosts on their toes.

Blackberry Farm Brett Saison aged in red wine barrels – 6

Stillwater Cellar Door Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale w/sage – 4.5

Boulevard Saison Brett Dry-Hopped Farmhouse Ale w/brett – 4.5

Brasserie Dupont Saison Dupont – 4

Allagash Saison Belgian Farmhouse Style Ale- 3.5

Falling Branch Street Gathering American Pale Ale – 3.5

Falling Branch Amber Waves Belgian Style Amber Ale – 3.5

Perennial Saison De Lis Belgian Style Ale w/chamomile flowers – 3.5

Brasserie De Silly Brouwerij Silly Saison – 3

Prairie Merica American Farmhouse Ale – 2.5

St Feuillien Saison – 2

Boulevard Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale – 1.5

Graft Cidery Showcase Episode – “Craft Beer Spin On Ciders”

Rebecca grabs the reins of this showcase episode to highlight the fact that not just breweries deserve to have the spotlight shone on them. Cider is the main topic as Rebecca and Carlin explore some exciting offerings.

Unanimous Favorite – Escape From Orion hopped cider w/strawberry, pineapple & guava

Cellar Dive Episode #9 – “Beers From The Beach”

This Cellar Dive episode steps away from the competition between Carlin and Rebecca, instead focusing on some cellar-worthy beers the two got on their recent trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. All nice beers, as these episodes are intended.

Unanimous Favorite – Troegs Impending Descent Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/vanilla beans & cocoa

Episode #209 – “The Episode Of Top 5 Lists”

Taking a slightly different approach to this episode, Carlin and Rebecca discuss their current favorite breweries in Maryland and the rest of the country. Then, one of the mystery beers turns both Carlin and Rebecca off like no beer ever has.

DuClaw Gose O’s Gose w/cantaloupe & black lave sea salt – 4

New Belgium Hemperor Hemp IPA – 1

Episode #208 – “Denver’s Brewability Lab”

Carlin brings up an establishment in Denver, Colorado called Brewability Lab. Rebecca approaches the topic from a more insightful perspective as she and Carlin discuss its merits.

Ommegang Nirvana IPA – 3.5

Ballast Point Tart Peach Kolsch – 2

Episode #207 – “One Beer Dream Finally Came True”

Carlin kicks this episode off with a correction fro the last brewery showcase episode, much to Rebecca’s surprise. Then the two discuss some recent beer destinations they hit up in the Washington, DC area.

Schlafly Raspberry Hefeweizen – 3

Falling Branch Daybreak Farmhouse Ale – 2

On The Shelf Episode #5 – “Adroit Theory, Allagash, Decadent & South County”

Carlin and Rebecca checked in with Joshua Rodriguez at Wine World for some beer that hit the shelves within the past month. Here is a breakdown of four of them, all tasting pretty nice.

Carlin’s favorite – Allagash James and Julie Sour Brown Ale

Rebecca’s favorite – Adroit Theory Illusion of Safety Gose w/apricot, pomegranate, jalapeno & lactose

Beer & Food Episode #9 – “French Broad Beer Chocolates”

Taking a little different approach to this beer and food pairing episode, Carlin and Rebecca taste some chocolates and caramels made with beer from French Broad Chocolates out of Asheville, North Carolina. And, although there are no beers to pair with these chocolates, the hosts still drink and evaluate a few.

Unanimous favorite chocolate – Porter Nib Caramel

Savor 2018 Episode – “Looking For Those Lesser Known Breweries”

Savor happened once again, and Carlin and Rebecca put another year of covering the event in the books. For their fourth year of Savor, the two focused on trying to taste offerings from lesser-known breweries. The full breakdown of the event takes place in this episode, accompanied by four beers.

Carlin’s favorite – Blackberry Farm 18 Brett Saison aged in red wine barrels

Rebecca’s favorite – Rhinegeist Panther Robust Porter

Episode #206 – “They Put What In a Beer?”

Carlin and Nathan Kalasnik talk about what a local liquor store chose to add to a tasty IPA, sending Carlin over the edge a bit. The guys then give some recommendations for doing your own beer infusions at home.

Fiddlehead Hodad Chocolate Vanilla Toasted Coconut Porter – 2.5

Schlafly Double Bean Blonde w/chocolate & coffee – 2

Episode #205 – “Financial Troubles & Staying Relevant”

Carlin and Nathan Kalasnik start the episode with another warm-up beer before moving to a discussion about the craft beer landscape and a few breweries in financial trouble. They then discuss some ways breweries need to change to remain relevant before trying some mystery beers that present interesting flavor profiles.

North Coast Barrel-Aged Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout – 3

Evil Twin IPA Kolata IPA w/lactose, pineapple & coconut extract – 3

Episode #204 – “Give Those Cats A Brewery Job”

Nathan Kalasnik comes back for some episodes, the first of which features two warm-up beers from abroad. While sipping these beers, Carlin and Nathan discuss programs to place cats in breweries as rodent control.

Epic Oak And Orchard Sour Ale aged in syrah barrels w/blueberries, boysenberries & black currants – 3.5

Flying Dog Mimosa Beer Ale brewed w/orange peel – 3

Cellar Dive Episode #8 – “Fruit Focused”

Carlin and Rebecca are competing again in the latest cellar dive episode. After choosing their beers, Carlin noticed a shared theme. All beers feature some fruit, but which one does it the best?

Carlin’s favorite – Oxbow Momoko Tart Farmhouse Ale w/peaches

Rebecca’s favorite – DuClaw PastryArchy Imperial Stout w/chocolate & valencia orange

Prairie Artisan Ales Showcase Episode – “Experimentation & Innovation”

Excited about this brewery from Middle America finally making it to Maryland, Carlin had to give this one its own showcase. Experimentation and brewing for the love of the craft are the main driving forces, leading to some tasty beers for Carlin and Rebecca to consume on podcast.

Unanimous favorite – Bomb! Imperial Stout aged on coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla beans and chili peppers

Episode #203 – “The Best Stupid Beer Accessories”

Rich Smith’s final episode of the recording session features the evaluation of awful beer accessories. They are stupid inventions pandering to the least educated beer drinkers. But do any of them have any legitimate level of use?

Stillwater Cellar Door dry-hopped Saison w/sage – 2.5

Avery Perzik Saison w/peaches – 1.5

Episode #202 – “From Irish Pubs To Sports Bars”

Rich Smith’s second episode kicks off with a discussion about a documentary Carlin watched about the origins of the Irish pub and how it is dying. This spurs further discussion about how current bars operate and their relevance as time progresses.

Brooklyn Defender IPA – 5

Molson XXX Super Premium Beer – 1

Episode #201 – “Who Is Richard B. Smith Jr.?”

A new voice takes to the mic to tell their beer origin story, while sipping on a warm-up beer. Please welcome Richard Smith, one of Carlin’s best friends, as the two see how their friendship translates to podcast magic.

Crooked Stave Origins Burgundy Sour aged in oak – 4

Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA (aged 5 years) – 4

Beer & Food Episode #8 – “Union Brewing Beer Dinner”

This is the first beer and food pairing episode that does not feature any food being consumed while recording. Carlin and Rebecca re-cap a beer dinner they recently attended, while sipping on a beer from the featured brewery.

Carlin’s favorite – Pink Flamingo Grapefruit Ginger Sour

Rebecca’s favorite – Rye Baby Rye IPA

On The Shelf Episode #4 – “So Much Of One Style”

Carlin hit the liquor store recently and pulled a few beers off the shelf for this fresh episode. Things get really hazy with this one, as four beers of the same style are the focus.

Carlin’s favorite – Oliver & Stillwater Whipped Nitro IPA w/mango, lactose & vanilla

Rebecca’s favorite – Decadent Ales Creamsicle IPA w/lactose, vanilla & orange peel

Episode #200 – “Big Episode In Throwback Style”

It’s another big number episode, so what does Carlin have in store? Taking an idea from episode guest Dan Kim, Carlin is also joined by Jason Evans for another 12 beer blind tasting. This one reaches back in time a little to see how some stalwarts of the industry taste now.

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – 4.67

Troegs Troegenator Double Bock – 4.67

Victory HopDevil IPA – 4.67

Abita Turbodog Brown Ale – 4.33

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA – 4

Monk’s Cafe Flemish Sour – 3.67

Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine – 3.67

Westmalle Dubbel Trappist Ale – 3.67

Anchor Steam Beer – 2.67

DuClaw Bare Ass Blonde Ale – 2.33

Castle Brewery Eggenberg Samichlaus Doppelbock – 1.67

Stone Arrogant Bastard Ale American Strong Ale – 1

Beer & Food Episode #7 – “We Have The Meats”

Carlin and Rebecca already looked into some great beer and cheese combinations, so a few meats seem to be a logical choice to explore. Salty, fatty, gamey and smoked. How do these flavors pair with some tasty beers?

Unanimous favorite – Tired Hands Ourison Oak Aged Tart Farmhouse Ale

Blend It Yourself Episode #2 – “Big Ups And One Down”

It’s time to try blending beers at home again. Carlin and Rebecca set out to find at least one winning combination with three high ABV beers and one that has a very odd flavor profile. See how it shakes out as these two blend it up.

Carlin’s favorite – Founders Backwoods Bastard Bourbon Barrel Aged Old Ale

Rebecca’s favorite – Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron Imperial Brown Ale

Episode #199 – “Show Me Your Beer Line-Up”

To kick things off, Carlin wants to talk about Dogfish Head and the way they recently revealed their 2018 beer production line-up. Is this something to be emulated by other breweries, or just something only a small amount of people respond to in a positive manner?

DuClaw 865cc Coffee Stout – 3.5

Rogue Santa’s Private Reserve Belgian Dark Ale w/cherries & raspberries – 3

Episode #198 – “One Beer At A Time”

Dan Kim stops by for some beer talk and his first taste of a dark sour beer. He and Carlin them discuss a recent trip that Carlin took to Tired Hands Brewing in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, highlighting the good and a little bad.

Allagash Tripel Belgian Tripel Ale – 2.5

Three Floyds Gumballhead Hoppy Wheat – 2

After The Judging Episode – “Independent Brewing Wort Challenge”

After talking about the Independent Brewing Wort Challenge in previous episodes, Carlin received a judging invite for the most recent competition. This episode covers Carlin’s experiences and thoughts on the beers and the BJCP judging style.

Cellar Dive Episode #7 – “Making It Competitive”

The Cellar Dive is back again, and this time Rebecca wants it to be somewhat competitive. With two beers from the east coast and two from the west, the game is on. Who comes out on top?

Carlin’s favorite – Hill Farmstead Anna Tart Farmhouse w/honey

Rebecca’s favorite – Dancing Gnome Stained Glass Ceilings IPA

On The Shelf Episode #3 – “Some Rodriguez Recommendations”

Josh Rodriguez from Wine World had a few recommendations, for recent releases, and Carlin listened to some and not others. See what this episode yields as Carlin and Rebecca taste some more recent shelf beers.

Unanimous favorite – Adroit Theory The Death Of Civilization In Slow Motion New England IPA

Episode #197 – “Talking Beer Blends”

Prompted by a discussion that started off podcast, Carlin and Jason Evans discuss an interesting pack of beer New Belgium Brewing is releasing. This then leads to a discussion about beer blending, as pertains to a few specific breweries.

Gunpowder Falls Pilsner (infected) – 4.5

Southern Tier Cinnamon Roll imperial ale w/cinnamon & caramel flavors – 1

Episode #196 – “The Independent Brewing Wort Challenge”

The second episode in Jason Evans’ recording session brings a conversation about the Independent Brewing wort challenge, which Jason regularly competes in. Two examples of his entries are sampled during the discussion.

Devils Backbone Cran-Gose tart cranberry ale – 3

Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchata Ale w/cinnamon & long-grain rice – 2.5

Episode #195 – “Jason Evans, AKA Breadhead Brewing”

Welcoming a new guest to the podcast, Carlin has the pleasure of learning the craft beer background of Jason Evans, while trying his latest homebrew. Jason goes in depth about how he brews before he gets a crack at blind tasting for the first time.

Goose Island Juliet wild ale aged in cabernet barrels w/blackberries – 2.5

New Holland Lost Dune golden ale w/blueberries & coriander – 2.5

Burley Oak Brewing Showcase Episode – “Big Flavors, Small Town Focus”

Carlin and Rebecca tackle one of the hottest breweries in Maryland with this brewery showcase episode. Carlin breaks down the small town focus of the brewery while he and Rebecca taste four of their special release beers.

Carlin’s favorite – Double Blueberry Peach J.R.E.A.M. sour w/lactose & fruit

Rebecca’s favorite – Citralaxy New England Style IPA

On The Shelf Episode #2 – “One Of These Killed It”

Another recent trip to the local liquor store yields four recent releases for this episode that evaluates what is currently sitting on the shelf. This particular episode packs a punch for Carlin and Rebecca, in a few different ways.

Unanimous favorite – Epic Brewing Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout aged in whiskey & rum barrels w/cacao nibs, barrel-aged coffee beans & barrel-aged coconut added

Episode #194 – “The State Of The Podcast Episode”

Carlin tries going solo in this state of the podcast episode. He discusses where the podcast has been, where it is now, and what could help develop things in the future. This is no dry affair, as Carlin does a warm-up beer and two mystery beers on his own.

Captain Lawrence 6th Borough Pilsner – 4

Magic Hat Heart of Darkness Stout – 2

Firestone Walker Brewing Showcase Episode – “A Lion, A Bear And Their Beers”

Carlin and Rebecca head back to the West Coast for a showcase of a highly respected brewery founded by brothers-in-law who argue often, but collaborate well. Possibly the most solid line-up of beers are tasted as information about the brewery gets a fair share of airtime.

Carlin’s favorite – Bretta Weisse Berliner style wheat ale

Rebecca’s favorite – Pivo hoppy pilsner

Boston Vacation Episode – “Great Beers And Beyond”

Carlin and Rebecca took another vacation recently and, not surprisingly, craft beer was a main focus. Grab a beer, sit back and listen to an evaluation of Boston from both beer and tourist perspectives. And, as always, hear Carlin and Rebecca evaluate some beers they brought back from the trip.

Carlin’s favorite – Springdale Barrel Room Pearly Wit wild fermentation witbier

Rebecca’s favorite – Aeronaut & Finback Improbability Drive IPA w/orange & vanilla

Cellar Dive Episode #6 – “Expectations Are High, And Low”

With this dive into the cellar, Carlin pulls out one of the most sought after trade beers and another he’s been dying to try. Rebecca selects one that sounds intriguing, but she thinks will be a dud, and another that promises to be great, based on past experiences.

Unanimous favorite – DuClaw Espresso Vanilla Retribution Imperial Stout aged in bourbon barrels w/coffee & vanilla

Episode #193 – “The Many Faces Of The IPA”

Josh kicks things off by introducing a topic that delves into the evolution of the IPA and its many iterations. This then leads to a discussion of special beer releases at breweries and the many positive and negative aspects of those releases.

Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown Imperial Brown Ale w/Sumatra coffee – 3.5

Terrapin Smoke On The Porter Baltic Porter – 1.5

Episode #192 – “The Cans And The Bottles”

In Josh’s second episode of the recording session, he and Carlin discuss beer bottle and can formats. The guys make their preferences known, while thoughtfully analyzing the subject and allowing it to morph into other topics.

Peabody Heights Sir Barton Saison – 5

Fordham The 11th Sour Berliner Weisse w/concord grapes – 4.5

Episode #191 – “Craft Beer Perception”

Wine World’s resident beer guy, Josh Rodriguez, makes a return to the show for a few episodes. He provides an aged warm-up beer, which serves as a great sipper to enjoy while he and Carlin talk about craft beer and what is perceived as being craft. When the mystery beers happen, Josh gets his shot to wax analytical.

Monument City Battle IPA – 4.5

Antietam Brewery Otto’s Orchard Raspberry Ale – 4

Episode #190 – “Doing The Big One In A New Way”

Another deca-sode, but this time it’s a new blind tournament style. Hoppy is the criteria and Maryland breweries are the focus. See how this one shakes out as Carlin and Rebecca tackle 12 beers to see which hits top marks.

Oliver Forearm Smash Dry Hopped Double IPA – 5

Manor Hill IPA – 5

DC Brau On The Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA – 5

DuClaw Never Tell Me The Odds Double IPA – 4.5

RAR Nanticoke Nectar – 4.5

Evolution Lot No. 6 Double IPA – 4

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon IPA – 4

Manor Hill Citra Splendor Imperial IPA – 3.5

Flying Dog The Truth Imperial IPA – 3.5

Heavy Seas Double Cannon Double IPA – 3.5

Flying Dog Raging Bitch Belgian Style IPA – 3

Jailbreak Poor Righteous IPA – 3

Blend It Yourself Episode – “When Two Become One”

Plenty of breweries blend beer to fine-tune their final product. So, why can’t you do the same with beers from the store in the comfort of your own home? Wanna know what two beers mixed together would taste like? Carlin and Rebecca explore this exact question with a few experiments.

Unanimous favorite – Dogfish Head Seaquench Ale session sour ale

On The Shelf Episode – “Tasting A Few New Releases”

Yet another foray into a new episode format, Carlin and Rebecca take a look at a few beers that recently hit stores. This format aims to evaluate beers that listeners may have been eyeing up, but need some advice on whether or not to make the purchase.

Carlin’s favorite – Firestone Walker Mocha Merlin Coffee Oatmeal Stout

Rebecca’s favorite – Stone Vengeful Spirit IPA unfiltered IPA w/juicy pineapple & mandarin orange

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