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On The Shelf Episode #32 – “Sixpoint & Upland”

A hoppy beer with a witty name and a fruited sour are the focus of this episode. One from a brewery not tasted on the podcast for some years and the other from one never tasted on the podcast before.


On The Shelf Episode #31 – “Baa Baa & FiftyFifty”

For this On The Shelf episode, Carlin and Rebecca start light and hoppy, but finish dark and boozy.

On The Shelf Episode #30 – “Ever Grain & True Respite”

Pulled from the shelf of their local liquor store, Carlin and Rebecca evaluate a hoppy local beer with a great backstory and a fruited sour from a brewery they first experienced some years ago in Pennsylvania.

Hoplark Hop Water Episode – “Hop Flavor With No Alcohol”

Always looking for some good near beer options, Carlin and Rebecca give Hoplark hop water a try. Is this one worth the money for those times you want some hoppy flavor with no alcohol? Listen to find out.

Cushwa Brewing Excursion Episode – “Tasty Beers & Delicious Rad Pies”

The second part of Carlin and Rebecca’s recent beer trip to Williamsport, Maryland, Cushwa Brewing is the focus. The beers are quite good, but so are the Rad Pies. Listen to hear about it.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #20 – “Doctor’s Orders, JR Harris & TerreuBQ”

In this episode, Carlin evaluates an interesting rum barrel aged beer, a sour based on grilled pineapple, and a beer wine hybrid done in collaboration with Erosion Wine Company.

Homaide Brewing Excursion Episode – “A Range Of Styles On Tap”

Carlin and Rebecca made a trip out to Williamsport, Maryland for some craft beers. In this episode they talk about Homaide Brewing’s beers, ambiance, and overall experience.

On The Shelf Episode #29 – “Forward & Species X”

A hoppy beer with an interesting twist and a nice light style are the two beers Carlin and Rebecca evaluate.

Inverness Brewing Excursion Episode – “A Farm Brewing Experience”

Farm breweries are a thing in the state of Maryland, and Carlin and Rebecca recently visited one in Monkton. Hear them talk about their experience while sipping on three offerings from the brewery.

On The Shelf Episode #28 – “Energy City & Pariah”

Carlin and Rebecca try a hazy IPA and a fruited sour, two of the most popular styles. Do these particular examples of the styles stand out, or are they coming up short?

Society Beers Episode #19 – “Chaucer’s Chalice, Sans Pagaie Vanilla & The Bananswer”

Things get interesting with a collaboration beer featuring banana, a barrel aged braggot, and a fruited sour with vanilla added.

Blend It Yourself Episode #5 – “Can You Infuse Your Own Coffee?”

Returning to one of the most experimental episode formats, Carlin and Rebecca test out the theory that you can infuse beers with coffee at home.

Cellar Dive Episode #21 – “Sapwood & Sierra Nevada”

For this Cellar Dive, Rebecca pulls out something newer that could be aged a bit, while Carlin pulls seven year old barrel aged brew from a well known brewery.

On The Shelf Episode #27 – “Cushwa, Deciduous & Dogfish Head”

One hoppy and one sour beer get tasted as the main contestants, but a bonus beer makes an appearance at the behest of a Kyle Norman recommendation.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #18 – “2econd, Cucumber Aku Aku & Parley Porter”

Carlin cracks open three very interesting Bruery beers, one of which is a Hoarders exclusive, but all three aged in rum barrels.

On The Shelf Episode #26 – “Crooked Run & Nepenthe”

Carlin and Rebecca evaluate two beers that present different surprises. One is a pretty common style, and the other is quite unique.

Troegs Independent Brewing Excursion Episode – “Top Tier Food & Beer”

Having been quite some time since their last visit, Carlin and Rebecca decided to make a tript to Troegs Independent Brewing in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In this episode they talk about the beers, food, and overall experience while tasting two beers on podcast.

2021 Black Tuesday Box Episode Pt. 2 – “Scoop & Sandwich”

Rounding out the box, Carlin and Rebecca tackle the most interesting of the four Black Tuesday variants.

2021 Black Tuesday Box Episode Pt. 1 – “Half And Half”

There’s no physical box this time, but The Bruery still released four different Black Tuesday variants to celebrate their anniversary. Carlin and Rebecca taste the first two in this episode, which is part one of two.

Cellar Dive Episode #20 – “Mellow Mink & Sapwood Cellars”

Carlin and Rebecca taste two beers pulled from their cellar. One is a stout less than a year old and the other a fruited sour with a few years on it.

Vertical Episode #3 – “Founders Backwoods Bastard”

A rare occurrence, Carlin and Rebecca taste a vertical of barrel aged old ales. How do they stand the test of time, and which vintage holds up best?

Variants Episode #12 – “The Bruery Bakery Beers”

Carlin gets Rebecca to sit down with him to try three Bruery beers inspired by baked goods. Do they hit the mark, or just fall flat?

Mocktail Episode – “Raising The Bar”

Since early 2021, Carlin and Rebecca have subscribed to an alcohol-free cocktail box called Raising The Bar. Since it’s Dry January for many, the two decided to talk about this subscription box while evaluating two of the drinks.

State Of The Podcast Episode – “Some Slight Changes Coming”

After 10 years of the podcast, Carlin and Rebecca have decided to make some changes. This episode covers the changes, but also features two beers and some questions for Rebecca related to Untappd analytics.

On The Shelf Episode #25 – “Elder Pine, Lone Pine, Fourscore, Great Lakes & Other Half”

Carlin and Rebecca try two fruited sours, one old school imperial IPA and a foeder aged lager. It’s quite a range, but how do they all taste?

Cellar Dive Episode #19 – “Dogfish Head, DuClaw, Sapwood Cellars & Westbrook”

The beer cellar is starting to run low, but Carlin and Rebecca grab a few more to evaluate for the podcast. As with other cellar dive episodes, lessons are learned pertaining to how long beers should be aged.

On The Shelf Episode #24 – “Ever Grain, Foundation, Silver Branch & Von Trapp”

Carlin and Rebecca get festive with some holiday beers they pulled from the shelf of a local beer store. There’s a wide variety tasted with a particularly intriguing beer being the best.

Mystery Beers Episode #247 – “Some Craft Beer Trivia”

Rebecca kicks this episode off with a beer quiz for Carlin. Then three mystery beers are evaluated to round out the blind tasting batch from Kyle and Kelli Norman.

Mystery Beers Episode #246 – “What’s This New Cold IPA Style?”

Carlin and Rebecca tackle a warm-up beer, discussion about cold IPAs, and two mystery beers. What’s good and what just flat out stinks? Listen to find out.

Variants Episode #11 – “The Bruery BBLs, Pt. 2”

The Bruery BBLs beer variants come to a close in this episode with three highly fruited versions.

Variants Episode #10 – “The Bruery BBLs Variants”

Carlin defers to The Bruery once again for some more fun barrel aged variants. This is the first of a two part breakdown of these fun beers.

Mystery Beers Episode #245 – “The Brewmaster’s Collective”

Another mystery beers episode, another topic, and two more beers for blind tasting. Carlin and Rebecca talk about The Firestone Walker Brewmaster’s Collective beer club, which also leads to talking about beer clubs in general.

Mystery Beers Episode #244 – “Are Beer Price Hikes Coming?”

In a return to the oldest show format, Carlin and Rebecca discuss issues within the beer industry that threaten to raise the cost of the beer in your glass. Then, thanks to Kelli and Kyle Norman, mystery beers are evaluated and rated.

Big Haze Episode – “How Big Breweries Do Hazy IPAs”

Not big fans of the hazy IPA style, Carlin and Rebecca decide to see how the bigger breweries handle it. Do any impress? Or are they all the same old hazy disappointment?

On The Shelf Episode #23 – “Brewery Fire, Pipe The Side, Tripping Animals & True Respite”

For the first time, this On The Shelf episode features two beers provided by breweries, both from Maryland. While all beers tasted are enjoyed, some really set themselves apart.

On The Shelf Episode #22 – “Aslin, Astro Lab, Mully’s & Nepenthe”

Having stopped by The Perfect Pour in Elkridge, Maryland, Carlin and Rebecca picked up some beers from breweries they have never experienced before.

New vs. Old Episode – “How IPAs & Sours Have Changed”

Since the beginning of the podcast, craft beer style trends have changed considerably. With this in mind, Carlin and Rebecca sit down to compare new and old IPAs and fruited sours.

Beer & Food Episode #13 – “True Respite & Brew Belly Oktoberfest Beer Dinner”

To celebrate Oktoberfest, Carlin and Rebecca drove down to True Respite Brewing in Rockville, Maryland to pick up a German themed beer dinner with food from Brew Belly Kitchen and Sudhaus. Listen as the food and beers are tasted on podcast.

On The Shelf Episode #21 – “Captain Lawrence, Oozlefinch, Pherm & Vanish”

Carlin and Rebecca head to the shelf at their local liquor store to taste four more beers. This time there are ups and extreme downs.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #17 – “Baked On The Bayou, Manky Panky, Sorry Not Sorry & Vanilla Villain”

Finally getting around to it, Carlin sits down and evaluates some recent Hoarders beers. All are tasty, but there are some surprises and disappointments.

The Bruery Donut Box Episode – “Desserts In A Glass”

The Bruery put out a fun hot pink box of beers inspired by doughnuts from four different doughnuts shops. Carlin and Rebecca dive into it to see how tasty the beers are and if they taste anything like doughnuts.

DC Beer Excursion Episode – “Atlas, Other Half & The Bruery”

Carlin and Rebecca took a day to run down to Washington, DC to pick up some Bruery Society beers and check out two nearby breweries. Listen to their opinions of the breweries and some of their beers.

Sapwood Cellars Brewery Showcase Episode – “Innovation & Experimentation”

Considered one of the best breweries in Maryland, and a podcast favorite, Carlin and Rebecca dive into the origins and innovative nature of this brewery. And, of course, four tasty beers are evaluated.

On The Shelf Episode #20 – “3 Floyds, Battery-Steele, Dewey & Imprint”

For this On The Shelf episode, Carlin and Rebecca try beers by one of their favorite fruited sour makers, a brewery that left and then returned to Maryland distribution, one that is highly lauded in Pennsylvania, and a Maine brewery the two visited on vacation years ago.

Variants Episode #9 – “Black Tuesday, Pt. 3”

Bringing the series of Black Tuesday variant episodes to a close, Carlin sits down the evaluate the final three. The theme for this one is the influence of wine.

Beer Mail Episode #16 – “Brewery Fire, Troegs & Westbrook”

A rare non-Kyle Norman beer mail episode occurs with three beers from Nathan Kalasnik and one from Rich Smith. Two hoppy beers and two stouts get evaluated. See what gets the top spot.

Variants Episode #8 – “Black Tuesday, Pt. 2”

Continuing the series of Black Tuesday variant episodes, Carlin sits down the evaluate three more. This time it’s about different types of barrels.

Frederick Beer Excursion Episode #2 – “Attaboy, Idiom, Midnight Run, Olde Mother, Smoketown & Steinhardt”

Rebecca had a birthday recently. And for her big celebration she and Carlin drove to Frederick, Maryland to hit six different breweries. Hear them give a recap and taste through some beers on this excursion episode.

Variants Episode #7 – “Black Tuesday, Pt. 1”

Carlin goes it solo for the first of a three part variants episode series that features a big beer with nine different variations.

Idiom Brewing Showcase Episode – “Interesting Beers With Interesting Names”

Looking to showcase more Maryland breweries, Rebecca secured four beers for this Frederick brewery that focuses on naming beers with recognized sayings.

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