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Pack Attack Episode #7 – “A Small Sour Pack”

Carlin and Rebecca sit down to review a rare variety pack with just four beers. This one focuses solely on fruited sours from a brewery that kills that style.


On The Shelf Episode #41 – “Allagash & Elder Pine”

After doing two episodes of near beers, Carlin and Rebecca return to tasting some of the good stuff.

On The Shelf Episode #40 – “Athletic & Brooklyn”

Back at it trying two more near beers, Carlin and Rebecca try one from an alcohol free only brewery, and one from a brewery just giving it a try.

On The Shelf Episode #39 – “Flying Dog & Wellbeing”

Carlin and Rebecca decide to go back to trying a few alcohol free beers to see if what’s on the market has gotten any better.

Farmacy Brewing Excursion Episode – “Horses & Hops”

Setting out on another beer adventure, Carlin and Rebecca hit a horse farm that also serves up some tasty beers. Hear all about their experience and what beers stood out the most.

Cellar Dive Episode #23 – “Deschutes & Dogfish Head”

Carlin and Rebecca hit the cellar again to try some aged beers. Both of those selected for this episode are dark, high in ABV, and pretty old.

On The Shelf Episode #38 – “Abbeywood & True Respite”

On the tasting block are an uncommonly made style from a good brewery and a popular style from a new brewery to the podcast.

On The Shelf Episode #37 – “Crooked Crab & D9”

This episode features a sour from a tried and true brewery for sours, as well as a dark beer inspired by a type of cake.

On The Shelf Episode #36 – “Equilibrium & Idiom”

Carlin and Rebecca retry a hoppy beer from a brewery they haven’t enjoyed much in the past and taste a sour from one that’s a go to for sours for them.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #24 – “Quad Kisses & S’Moreo”

Coming off of some big disappointment from the last Bruery Society Beers episode, Carlin hopes for something much better. Find out if things go well with two more brews.

On The Shelf Episode #35 – “Drekker & Troegs”

For this one, Carlin and Rebecca pull a tried a true hoppy beer from the shelf along with a good sounding fruited sour.

Pack Attack Episode #6 – “It’s Lager Time”

Having been years since the last Pack Attack episode, Carlin and Rebecca try to settle back in with a pack of four different beers from a brewery that specializes in lagers.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #23 – “Bragg Racer & I’m Coco-Nuts About You”

Carlin pulls out two more Bruery beers, but this time things don’t go very well.

On The Shelf Episode #34 – “Jack’s Abby & Vitamin Sea”

This episode features two more beers pulled from the shelf of he local liquor store. One brings the hoppiness and the other is a barrel aged dark beer.

On The Shelf Episode #33 – “Crooked Crab & Wet City”

Craving something new and exciting, Carlin and Rebecca took a trip to the local liquor store to stock up on On The Shelf beers. This first episode features something dark and something sour, but are they good?

Currently Drinking Episode #1 – “Orange-Lime Sorbet & Reality Is Frequently Innacurate”

Carlin and Rebecca premiere a new episode format born out of convenience, but a bit more relaxed. Take a listen to hear what they’re sipping.

Variants Episode #14 – “The Bruery’s White Chocolate Pt. 2”

Finishing up the Bruery White Chocolate variants, Carlin cracks open one of the best and one of the worst.

Variants Episode #13 – “The Bruery’s White Chocolate”

Carlin sits down with the first two beers of a set of four. All barrel aged, but with different twists, hear how they stack up against each other.

Mystery Beers Episode #253 – “Alcohol & Aroma Deceptions”

Rounding out this stint of mystery beers episodes, Carlin and Rebecca do their best to temper expectations. Is it more hazys, or something more interesting?

Mystery Beers Episode #252 – “A Glimmer Of Hope”

On to the next two mystery beers, and this time it isn’t two hazy IPAs, which makes Carlin and Rebecca happy. How do these two stack up?

Mystery Beers Episode #251 – “Similar Beers, Similar Taste”

Having been many months since the last mystery beers episode, Carlin and Rebecca sit down to do some blind tasting. Will the beers tasted by big wins, or big flops?

Cellar Dive Episode #22 – “Deschutes & Elder Pine”

For this Cellar Dive episode Rebecca picks a newer beer that is able to be cellared, while Carlin chooses one that has been cellared for eight years.

Bruery Society Beers Episode #22 – “Myrtillheim & The Walnutter”

Carlin dives back in to the cellar to pull out one sour and one big barrel aged beer. Both are enjoyed, but which stands out most?

Holiday Beers Episode Pt. 4 – “A Pretty Strong Finish”

The final installment of the holiday beer blind tasting is here. Listen to find out the final ranking and what Carlin and Rebecca highly recommend you drink for the holidays.

Holiday Beers Episode Pt. 3 – “Some Blasts From The Past”

The entrants in the holiday beer tournament increase to nine in the third installment. Listen to find out if any of these crack the current top holiday beers.

Holiday Beers Episode Pt. 2 – “Some Serious Contenders”

The holiday beer tasting continues with three more entries in the festive tournament. Listen to find out where these rank.

Holiday Beers Episode Pt. 1 – “They All Look The Same”

This episode kicks off a series of four with Rebecca procuring various holiday beers for Carlin to taste blind. What beers are tasted and which ones stand out?

Denizens Brewing Excursion Episode – “A Pretty Great Experience”

While in Silver Spring, Maryland recently, Carlin and Rebecca stopped by Denizens Brewing to try some beers. The experience exceeded expectations. Hear all about it as they sip one of their favorite beers from the trip.

Astro Lab Brewing Excursion Episode – “Hoppy Beers With A New Zealand Focus”

Carlin and Rebecca finally visited Silver Spring, Maryland and they started with Astro Lab Brewing. The two talk about their experience and drink a tasty sour.

Pumpkin Beers Episode – “Crooked Crab & Westbrook”

Searching for a good pumpkin beer for the fall season, Rebecca and Carlin picked a few out at their local liquor store. Two are tasted and evaluated in this episode.

Elder Pine Brewing & Blending Excursion Episode – “Brewing Up Interesting Beers”

One of their favorite breweries in Maryland, Carlin and Rebecca traveled to Elder Pine Brewing & Blending for some very interesting beers on draft. Hear about their experience as they sip on two of their favorites.

Beer Event Episode – “Braglio Farms Oktoberfest & Whiskey On The Waterfront”

Over the past month or so, Carlin and Rebecca hit two events featuring beer that impressed them. This episode is talking about those events while sipping on a few beers.

Beer Mail Episode #17 – “Strange Roots Experimental Ales”

Carlin and Rebecca were recently gifted two beers from Strange Roots Experimental Ales by Jason Tabeling and Caroline Cook. Hear what the hosts think of the beers in this return to the beer mail episode format.

Bluejacket Excursion Episode – “Great Service, Good Beers & Really Good Food”

A brewery with good food and lots of outdoor seating in the thick of Washington, DC, Bluejacket deserved a recent visit from Carlin and Rebecca. Hear all about their experience while they sip on a nice sour treat.

Right Proper Brewing Excursion Episode – “Solid Beer & Funky Atmosphere”

Having never been to this brewery, Carlin and Rebecca made the trip to DC to take in the ambiance and sample the beers of Right Proper Brewing. Hear their assessment while they sip on a beer they brought home.

Hopkins Farm Brewery Excursion Episode – “Open Spaces & Local Ingredients”

Carlin and Rebecca hit up another Maryland farm brewery to support local beer and farming. Hear about their experience at Hopkins Farm Brewery while they sip on some beers.

Union Craft Brewing Excursion Episode – “Solid Offerings In A Nice Space”

Once a favorite brewery, Carlin and Rebecca return to Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore to see how their beers are tasting. Hear about their experience as they taste two of the beers they brought home.

Guinness Brewing Excursion Episode – “An Impressive Place To Hangout”

Having already been open four years, Carlin and Rebecca finally made it to the Guinness Open Gate Brewery in Baltimore, Maryland. Hear all about their experience.

Pariah Brewing Excursion Episode – “Joining The Baltimore Brewing Community”

Originally out of San Diego, California, Pariah Brewing recently opened a location in Baltimore, Maryland, so Carlin and Rebecca had to check it out. Listen for their review of the bar and their beers.

Independent Brewing Excursion Episode – “An Array Of Offerings”

After having the founder of Independent Brewing on the podcast years ago, Carlin and Rebecca decided it was time to check back in on how the beers are tasting and the brewery space has grown.

Dewey Beer Excursion Episode – “Best In The Fruited Sour Game”

A day trip to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware ended in a stop in at Dewey Beer Company for Carlin and Rebecca. Hear about their experience, how tasty the fruited sours were, and some outstanding pizza.

Attaboy Beer Excursion Episode – “An Amazingly Crisp Lager & A Pretty Sour Ale”

While in Frederick, Maryland, Carlin and Rebecca hopped over to Attaboy Beer to taste their offerings on tap and pick up one amazing lager. Listen to their recap of the experience as they sip on some Backyard Queen.

Idiom Brewing Excursion Episode – “Nailing Fruited Sours”

Having taken a recent trip to Frederick, Maryland, Carlin and Rebecca had to hit up one of their favorite breweries for sours. Hear the two recount their experience in this episode while sipping a few Idiom Brewing beers.

Mystery Beers Episode #250 – “Baa Baa & Black Flag”

Rounding out this batch of mystery beers, Carlin and Rebecca taste a nice light one and one with a very odd color.

Mystery Beers Episode #249 – “Mortalis & Other Half”

Two more mystery beers are tasted. One turns out to be a style Carlin thinks shouldn’t exist and the other turns out to be a pretty solid collaboration.

Mystery Beers Episode #248 – “Ever Grain & Oliver”

Carlin and Rebecca get back to the style of episode that started the whole podcast, blind tasting. Will this be a fun return, or a disappointing experience for their palates?

Bruery Society Beers Episode #21 – “Absent Minded, Birnesap & Mai Zombie”

Carlin sits down to taste more Bruery beers and this time he’s tasting a range of barrel aging: port, rum, and rye.

Pour Man’s Brewing Excursion Episode – “Showcasing Lagers”

Having seen the results of a recent online tournament of Pennsylvania breweries, Carlin and Rebecca decided to visit the winner to see what all the buzz is about. This one did not disappoint.

Lancaster Beer Excursion Episode – “Cartel Brewing & Blending & Our Town Brewing”

Lancaster, Pennsylvania has a lot of breweries that have sprouted up over the years. Carlin and Rebecca decided to hit up two and talk about their experiences at each in this episode.

On The Shelf Episode #32 – “Sixpoint & Upland”

A hoppy beer with a witty name and a fruited sour are the focus of this episode. One from a brewery not tasted on the podcast for some years and the other from one never tasted on the podcast before.

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