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Episode #175 – “Who Is Curt Ferg?”

A kind of new guest stops by to talk about his job and passion for craft beer. Curtis Ferguson, who works for Charm City Meadworks, brings by a few treats for Carlin to indulge in. After learning a good deal about Curtis, he tries his hand at figuring out some mystery beers, which proves a bit tricky.

Episode #174 – “How Do You Like Your Liquor Store Layout?”

It’s craft beer neighbor time on the podcast, as Shaun Finn stops by for one episode. After a ridiculous Beer Googles, the guys talk about liquor store beer categorization layout and what their preferences are.

Rodenbach Vintage 2014 Barrel No. 192 – 5

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager – 1.5

Cellar Dive Episode #2 – “Just Because They’re Cellar Beers…”

Carlin and Rebecca dive back into the beer cellar for the second installment of this new episode format. Everything looks like it should be awesome, until a few unexpected things happen. Carlin then has to act fast to save the episode.

Unanimous favorite – Union Brewing Mango Older Pro gose aged in white wine barrels w/mangoes

Episode #173 – “How Breweries Should Release Hoppy Beers”

After a somewhat interesting Beer Googles, Carlin raises a theory on what breweries should do about their hoppy beer releases, citing the practice of one local brewery. Some great conversation ensues, leading right up to the interesting mystery beers.

5 Rabbit Cervezeria 5 Lizard Wheat beer w/coriander, lime peel and passionfruit – 5

Dogfish Head Palo Santo Marron Imperial Brown Ale Aged in Palo Santo wood (infected) – 1.5

Episode #172 – “There Are Always Winners And Losers”

This episode starts with Beer Googles, which addresses bathroom impacts from beer drinking. Then, Carlin and Dan finish their discussion on local beer laws from the last episode. The mystery beers present some good dark flavors as the guys pick them apart.

Smuttynose Rocky Road Stout w/cocoa nibs, marshmallow creme & aged on oak chips – 5.5

Ommegang Lovely, Dark and Deep Oatmeal Stout – 4

Episode #171 – “The Baltimore Guinness Effect”

Feeling like he just didn’t have enough air-time last recording session, Carlin brings Dan Kim back. After sharing a very complex warm-up beer, the guys discuss a few aspects of Guinness building a brewery in Baltimore, including legal impacts for the local beer community.

Maui Pineapple Mana Wheat Ale w/gold pineapple – 6

Evil Twin Aun Mas Todo Jesus Imperial Stout w/cinnamon, cocoa nibs, chili peppers and coffee beans – 4.5

4 Hands Brewing Showcase Episode – “Business In The Front, Party In The Back”

Carlin and Rebecca came across a brewery they know little about and have tried barely any of their beers. Seems fitting that a whole episode would then be dedicated to find out what this midwest brewery is all about.

Carlin’s favorite – Absence of Light Peanut Butter Chocolate Milk Stout

Rebecca’s favorite – Cuvee Ange sour ale w/raspberries & blackberries aged in wine barrels

Beer & Food Pairing Episode – “Creamy, Hoppy, Malty Goodness”

Having worked the sweet angle a few times already for the beer and food pairing episodes, Carlin and Rebecca opt for savory this time. A range of beer and a range of this salty creamy treat converge for a fun look at how these flavors mingle in the mouth.

Unanimous favorite – Marz Community Brewing Jungle Boogie American Pale Wheat Ale w/rooibos tea

Event Announcement – Ronnie’s Blind Tasting

A Brewtal Battle mystery beer tasting will be held Friday, March 10 from 5 to 7 at Ronnie’s Beverage Warehouse in Forest Hill, Maryland. If you can make it, come on out.

Episode #170 – “Taking A Dive For This One”

This Brewtal Battle Royale was teased as being special, and now it’s time to dive right in. Two of the most popular guests help Carlin evaluate the beers in this tournament with a few twists.

Winner – Evolution Brewing RIS Russian Imperial Stout w/coffee

First Beer Out – Russian River & Avery Brewing Collaboration Not Litigation Ale Belgian Strong Dark Ale

Episode #169 – “It’s Called A Beer Flight, And It’s Classy”

Rebecca’s recording session wraps up with a fun Beer Googles that tackles an old drinking saying, right before jumping to a more serious topic pondering blurred lines with craft beer enthusiasm and alcoholism. Then the two get to drinking with the mystery beers, only to be a little embarrassed by one.

The Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Style Ale – 5

Manor Hill Katherine’s Kolsch – 1


Episode #168 – “Getting New Brewery Fatigue”

After a meandering Beer Googles, Carlin and Rebecca find some fun and interesting tidbits, then move on to a topic that’s been bother Carlin. The mystery beers then present a clear favorite to Rebecca, as Carlin finds them on equal footing.

Augustiner Maximator Doppelbock – 3.5

10 Barrel Joe IPA – 3


Episode #167 – “Four Years Of Brewtal Battle”

Carlin is giving Rebecca another crack at mystery beers, in hopes that a whole recording session will yield something solid. Beer Googles comes back, followed by an update about the upcoming Brewtal Battle Royale tournament and the overall state of the podcast.

Elysian Split Shot Espresso Milk Stout – 4.5

Flying Dog Brewhouse Rarities Salt & Pepper Tripel – 2


Cellar Dive Episode – “Just The Beers”

Yet another new episode format is born with this dive into Carlin’s personal cellar. There will be no topics to discuss, no information to share, just beers to smell, taste and evaluate. Let the good beer times roll.

Carlin’s favorite – Almanac Beer Farmer’s Reserve Blueberry sour blonde aged in wine barrels w/blueberries

Rebecca’s favorite – Crux Fermentation Project Gimme Mo IPA


Patrick Snyder Home Brew Episode – “Drive And Inspiration In A Bottle”

This episode presents a mash-up of Carlin and Rebecca tasting some home brewed beers and Carlin interviewing that home brewer, Patrick Snyder. How did these beers come out? And what were the inspirations behind them? Find out in this brand new show format.

Carlin’s favorite – Primitive Dawn Tart Farmhouse

Rebecca’s favorite – Is It Too Early For Flapjacks? Imperial Stout w/coffee & maple syrup


Episode #166 – “Rebecca Wants Some Good Beers”

Rebecca comes back for some mystery beers that Kyle Norman provided for the show, hoping to break her curse of crappy blind beers. But first, she and Carlin do some fun Beer Googles, followed by a talk about a brewery about to open looking for a head brewer, and how people react to such news.

The Alchemist Heady Topper DIPA – 2

Kyle Norman’s Bourbon Barrel Old Ale – 1


Pack Attack #3 Episode – “Somewhat Of A Head Scratcher”

Carlin, along with guest Shaun Finn, finally delves into a seasonal beer pack that is not Devil’s Backbone. Tasting, rating and guessing is the name of the game once again. How close can these guys get with their guesses?

Troegs Scratch 262 Chocolate Stout – 4.5

Troegs Blizzard of Hops Winter IPA – 4.5

Troegs Troegenator Doppelbock – 4

Troegs Perpetual IPA – 3


Oskar Blues Brewery Showcase Episode – “From Alabama To Colorado”

Arguably the first brewery to popularize canned craft beer, Oskar Blues had humble beginnings with big aspirations. Now, with three separate locations, but still maintaining a small town feel, this brewery is deserving of having its story told.

Unanimous favorite – Bourbon Barrel Aged Ten Fidy Imperial Stout


Episode #165 – “A New Barrel Project Emerges”

Carlin and Dan Kim partake in some Beer Googles, which ends up being pretty odd this time around. Then the guys discuss a local beer release that Carlin recently attended, highlighting the good and the bad that come along with such events.

Burley Oak Home Grown Session IPA – 4

G. Heileman Brewing National Bohemian Garbage Beer – 1.5


Episode #164 – “To Gluten Or Not To Gluten”

Dan Kim returns and is immediately treated to a puckeringly nice warm-up beer before getting into an e-mail from a former podcast guest. Then the guys discuss gluten free beer, perceptions of it, and where it may be headed.

Stillwater Surround Oak Smoked Imperial Wheat Stout – 4.5

RAR Nanticoke Nectar IPA – 3.5


Quest Brewing Showcase Episode – “The Quest For Exceptional Beers”

Since Carlin and Rebecca recently visited Quest Brewing in Greenville, South Carolina, they thought a brewery showcase episode would be a logical follow-up. Hear a few extra tidbits about the brewery, as well as some evaluation of a few beers co-founder Donald Richardson gifted to the podcast.

Unanimous favorite – Ellida IPA


Beer & Food Pairing Episode – “Complimentary Candy”

It’s time to try some beer and food pairings again. This time Carlin and Rebecca delve into their Halloween candy stash to try some pairings recommended via some Google searches. Do any of them land? Or is it all too sugary sweet?

Unanimous favorite – Troegs Jovial Belgian Style Dubbel paired with Skittles


Episode #163 – “You Put Some Age On That?”

This episode delves into the topic of aged beers, with a very special warm-up beer provided by Mike Jonczak. Carlin’s focus is on his accidental aging issue and recognizing when to pop that bottle. Then, for the mystery beers, it’s all about guessing the age.

2013 Stone Farking WootStout Ale w/pecans, wheat & rye with 1/4 aged in bourbon barrels – 5

2008 Boulder Beer Killer Penguin Barleywine – 5


Episode #162 – “Tap Lines And Cicerone Exams”

Carlin remembers to do Beer Googles this time, which ends up parlaying into Joshua Rodriguez talking about how to manage your beer taps. Then, Josh talks cicerone exam, while Carlin asks questions and Mike Jonczak continue to drink.

Bear Republic Racer 5 IPA – 5.67

Stillwater On Fleek Imperial Stout – 4.67


Episode #161 – “Just Joshin’ With Us”

After the deca-sode, it’s time to inject some new blood into the podcast. Mike Jonczak stops by with co-worker and aspiring cicerone, Joshua Rodriguez. After a warm-up beer, to keep Mike happy, Carlin has Josh tell his craft beer story. Then, one of the mystery beers causes much debate between Mike and Josh.

Adroit Theory Legion Belgian Stout Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels – 4.33

Dieu Du Ciel Rosee d’Hibiscus Ale w/spices & hibiscus – 2.33


Episode #160 – “Return Of The Brewery Battle”

It’s time once again to throw down with the Battle Royale bracketed tournament. Carlin welcomes two previous show guests who are battle virgins to a format featuring multiple beers from one brewery per person. There’s also a twist when it comes to the beer administrator’s level of involvement.

Winner – Almanac Tropical Platypus Dry Hopped Sour Ale Aged in Wine Barrels w/kiwi, mango, lime & passion fruit

First Beer Out – Troegs Scratch #254 Raspberry Gose


Quest Brewing Interview Episode – “Brewing With Restraint”

While down in the Carolinas, Carlin and Rebecca stopped in at Quest Brewing in Greenville, South Carolina for an interview. Co-founder Donald Richardson fields a range of questions in this episode, highlighting a gem of a brewery that is proud of its Greenville roots.

Asheville Vacation Episode – “A Craft Beer Wonderland”

Carlin and Rebecca took a beer-centric vacation, and now you get to hear about it. Even though the two couldn’t get to every Asheville brewery they wanted to, they have some great experiences to share. And, of course, beers are tasted.

Carlin’s favorite – Wicked Weed Recurrant Sour Blonde w/black currants

Rebecca’s favorite – Asheville Brewing Ninja Porter


Episode #159 – “The Grab Bag Experience”

There’s one more regular episode before the next Brewtal Battle Royale, so Carlin and Rebecca sit down to get it done. Armed with a grab bag of mystery beers from Kyle Norman, as well as a warm-up beer from Kyle, these two head into new territory for the podcast.

Heineken Light – 1

Smirnoff Ice Pineapple – 1

Bud Light Lime Apple-Ahhh-Rita – 1

Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita – 1


Episode #158 – “Who Wants Beer Nutrition Labels?”

All done with the games, Carlin and Kyle Norman settle in to a regular episode with some Beer Googles, which sparks a discussion about nutrition labels and distribution. Then, before transitioning to the mystery beers, Carlin cracks open a listener submitted home brew, which sparks a whole other discussion.

Terrapin Watermelon Gose – 4

Maui Brewing Mana Wheat w/pineapple – 2


Nitro Beers Episode – “Extra Head, Extra Flavor”

Since beer enhanced with nitrogen has been on somewhat of a rise, Carlin and Rebecca thought a special episode to discuss and taste this phenomenon was in order. What’s the history of this technique? And does nitro really enhance a beer all that much? Carlin and Rebecca will find out…

Unanimous favorite – Samuel Adams Nitro White Ale


Episode #157 – “Beer Me Bro 3, Pt. 2”

The second half of Kyle Norman’s Beer Me Bro game takes a critical turn for Carlin, while providing a plethora of ridiculous beer names. Carlin has obvious disdain for the new punishment beer and the mystery beers find both the guys in a simply okay mood.

Bell’s Poolside Ale Belgian Wheat w/cherry juice – 3.5

Against The Grain Coq De La Marche Session Saison – 3


Episode #156 – “Beer Me Bro 3, Pt. 1”

After premiering Kyle Norman’s new beer game, it’s time to return to an oldie, but a goodie. The third installment of Beer Me Bro brings some ridiculous beer names, but can Carlin guess which ones are fake? Then, for the mystery beers, the guys get one pleasant and one unpleasant surprise.

Samuel Adams Longshot Series Neighborino Flanders Red – 5

Rogue 7 Hop IPA – 1.5


Adroit Theory Brewing Showcase Episode – “Nano In Practice, Big In Concept”

With a little help from some great customer service, Carlin and Rebecca end up with four high ABV Adroit Theory beers to taste. Throw in some information about the brewery itself, and we have this showcase episode. See what this Purcellville, Virginia nano brewery is all about…

Carlin’s favorite – Black As Your Soul Imperial Stout

Rebecca’s favorite – Two-Headed Calf Imperial Farmhouse Ale


Pack Attack #2 Episode – “The Second Wave”

Carlin and Rebecca try out the Pack Attack show format for a second time. This go around, Rebecca knows the beers, but Carlin does not. How good is this pack? What beers will be tasted? And how hard is it for Carlin to guess the styles? Find out now…

Devils Backbone Apple-achian Pie Stout w/apple butter, pie spice &blackstrap molasses – 5

Devils Backbone Space Fruit Pale Ale – 4.5

Devils Backbone Hot Shot IPA w/jalapeno – 4.5

Devils Backbone Ale Of Two Cities American-style Kolsch – 3

Devils Backbone Tropical Thunder hoppy wheat w/pineapple juice – 2.5


Episode #155 – “Sudsy Surveys, Pt. 2”

The finale of Sudsy Surveys gets underway with Kyle Norman having a slight lead. In this second half, who gets the New Planet and who gets that special Old Stock? Then, with the mystery beers, a few surprises are in store when the guys find out what they’re tasting.

Abita Louisiana Spiced Ale – 4

Blue Earl Walking Blues IPA – 4

Episode 155

Episode #154 – “Sudsy Surveys, Pt. 1”

Carlin takes the recording equipment to Rehoboth Beach in Delaware to drink some beers with Kyle Norman. Kyle brings a new game along and, of course, punishment and reward beers are involved.

Ballast Point Calm Before The Storm Cream Ale w/coffee & vanilla – 5

Blue Earl Honeysuckle Rose Belgian Blonde – 3

Episode 154

Fat Tire And Friends Episode – “Riff This Malty Beer”

Carlin and Rebecca sit down to crack open and dissect all of the New Belgium Fat Tire variants from their Fat Tire And Friends pack. What beers shine the most? And how is that classic Fat Tire compared to these new riffs? Find out…

Carlin’s favorite – Fat Wild Ale with Avery Brewing

Rebecca’s favorite – Fat Sour Apple Ale with Hopworks Urban Brewery

Fat Tire And Friends Episode

Episode #153 – “The Cult Of Craft Beer?”

In this installment of the podcast, Beer Googles sounds educational, Nathan breaks out a decadent warm-up beer and the craft beer community as a cult is discussed in depth. After such an exciting start, do the mystery beers keep the party going?

North Coast Puck The Beer Dry-Hopped Petite Saison – 3

Shmaltz Vulcan Ale Red Session IPA – 3

Episode 153

Episode #152 – “You Trust This List?”

Recording in Nathan Kalasnik’s new house, Carlin and the new homeowner crack a celebratory warm-up beer and talk about the newest list of top breweries in the United States. Then things get interesting with the mystery beers, making for some surprises during the big reveal.

Prairie Bomb! Imperial Stout w/coffee, cocoa nibs, vanilla beans & chili peppers – 5

Victory Blackboard Series Agave IPA w/grapefruit – 3

Episode 152

Pack Attack Episode – “The First Adventure”

A new episode format is introduced as Carlin and Dan Kim taste a pack of beer blind, rating each as they go. How did this tasty little experiment go? Listen and find out.

Devils Backbone & Wicked Weed Seven Summits Imperial Stout – 5.5

Devils Backbone & Surly Risen Coffee & Oak Double Brown Ale – 5

Devils Backbone & Thunder Road Double Pacific Ale Strong Australian Inspired Ale – 4

Devils Backbone & Noda Session IPL – 3

Devils Backbone Vienna Lager – 3

Pack Attack Episode

Episode #151 – “Gonna Check That Date Code”

In the final installment of the Ross and Shane recording session, a warm-up beer spawns a passionate discussion about a brewery and style of beer that the guys see as being under appreciated. Then, Shane breaks down how he and Ross maintain peak freshness for beers at the liquor store.

New Belgium Snapshot Tart Wheat – 4.67

Bell’s Consecrator Doppelbock – 2.67

Episode 151

Episode #150 – “One Juicy Brewtal Battle Royale”

It’s time for another Brewtal Battle Royale tournament. Dan Kim makes another appearance and Ross Miller has the quickest tournament appearance of any show guest. See how things play out in this juicy good tournament.

Winner – Avery Liliko’i Kepolo Passion Fruit Tart Wheat

First Beer Out – Clown Shoes Mango Kolsch

Episode 150

Episode #149 – “Ross And Shane’s Side Projects”

In the second episode with Ross Miller and Shane McCarthy, the guys promote some side projects they are working on. One pertains to proper beer glassware and the other is a fusion of music, beer and skate culture. Then, with the mystery beers, Shane nails something right on the money.

Flying Dog Tropical Stout w/coconut & pineapple – 4.33

Flying Dog Fever Dream Mango Habanero IPA – 2.67

Episode 149

Episode #148 – “Welcome Ross And Shane”

Carlin welcomes show virgins Ross Miller and Shane McCarthy from Ronnie’s Beverage Warehouse. The guests give an overview of their craft beer journeys and demonstrate overall fandom and a desire to champion the local craft beer community.

Omnipollo Abrahadabra IPA w/strawberries, vanilla & lactose – 4.67

The Brewer’s Art Choptank’d Saison – 1.67

Episode 148

2016 Savor Salons Episode – “Little Focus, But A Lot Of Passion”

Continuing with their coverage of this year’s Savor event, Carlin and Rebecca delve into the details of the salons they attended. And, of course, the two taste four beers representative of breweries that were at Savor.

Unanimous favorite – Quest Brewing Kaldi Bourbon Barrel Imperial Coffee Stout

2016 Savor Salons Episode

2016 Savor Episode – “Hitting The Tasting Floor Again”

Carlin and Rebecca were lucky enough to be invited back to the Savor craft beer and food pairing event in Washington, DC. So, how did this year stack up against the last? And what beers were hitting high marks this time around?

Overall show favorite – Deschutes Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Abyss Imperial Stout

Carlin’s favorite – Deschutes Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Abyss Imperial Stout

Rebecca’s favorite – Hardywood Bourbon Barrel Aged Raspberry Imperial Stout w/vanilla

2016 Savor Episode

Dogfish Head Brewing Showcase Episode – “Where Anything Could Happen”

Coming off an interview with the founder and President of Dogfish Head Brewing in Milton, Delaware, Carlin decides a showcase episode for the brewery is a logical choice for this brewery showcase. A little background information, four beers for tasting, and plenty of behind the scenes stories make this one of the most personal showcase episodes to date.


Early Brewing Equip

Sir Hops A Lot

Some 60 Minute IPA brewing.

Some 60 Minute IPA brewing.

Those awesome Palo Santo wooden tanks.

Those awesome Palo Santo wooden tanks.

Kegs and cases of DFH beers ready to go.

Kegs and cases of DFH beers ready to go.

The full DFH philosophy.

The full DFH philosophy.

2016 Beer Camp Episode – “Regions Of Flavor”

Just like last year, Carlin and Rebecca delve into the new Sierra Nevada Beer Camp collaboration pack. But, unlike last year, the two try each of the six different offerings on air. How did this year stack up against last?

Carlin’s favorite – Pat-Rye-Ot Revolutionary Pale Ale w/apples

Rebecca’s favorite – Unable to decide

2016 Beer Camp Episode

Episode #147 – “Talking Independent”

In Mark’s final episode of the recording session, he and Carlin have some fun with the new opening show segment. Then, Carlin gives an update on what Independent Brewing has been up to.

Sam Adams Griffin’s Bow Oaked Blonde Barleywine – 2

Alltech’s Lexington Brewing Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale – 2

Episode 147

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